Periodically, I take a moment and look back over some of my past relationships.  There was alot of abuse and misuse in many of them.  Sadly, I see patterns that were repeated because of MY words and actions.  By remaining in those relationships, I was actually saying, “Let me show you how to mistreat me!”.  Like too many others, I didn’t like or love myself enough to want to be alone with me.  Because I didn’t like myself, I didn’t demand that anyone else love me.  Let’s be real.  People don’t want to be around someone who doesn’t even want to be around themself.  If you desire to attract healthy relationships, you must have a healthy relationship with YOURSELF.  The only thing that comes OUT of you is what’s IN you.  Please make sure it’s healthy and THEN share it.  I am a Queen and I demand to be treated as such.  I am the reflection of God and I will not accept relationships that treat me as anything less.  What about you?  What standard have you set for your relationships?Image


4 thoughts on ““HELP, I DON’T LIKE MYSELF!” – Excerpt – RELATIONSHIPS

  1. I remember very well an incident that happened to me, I think I must have been 22, I was walking with a friend of mine, a guy tried to chat me up and I refused and he started swearing and doing dumb things, I just ignored him and he was yelling and stuff, my friend was loosing her cool, and she was saying how he is not suppose to do that and how I am not suppose to be taking that.
    I was more shocked and concerned about her reaction than about the guy making noise, I mean she was mad, I went home and I asked the Lord why was she so mad, that’s when He told me that, that is not how a man is suppose to speak to me, that is not how I want my daughter to be treated, I ask Him, why did I not get offended by his abuse, He told me because of how my father raised me, he would swear at me, my mom. My sisters and brothers and call us all kind of names, so to me a man doing that was a normal thing, it took the Lord healing me and showing me differently for me to know that I am not to be treated like dirt and so He worked on me, so this reminded me of that incident, I have seen a lot of sisters who have no clue of their worth because of how they were raised and it pains me, more so it pains the Lord to see His daughters treated like that.
    Thank you for that story
    The Lord has done great work in my life since then
    I know that He will do an even greater work in every womans heart who is touched by this story and sort the Lord out for healing, restoration and wholeness

    Its a beautiful piece.
    Love Princess Nozi

  2. Evangelist Jamie, this book has been such a blessing to me and I know that it will bring deliverance to many souls. Thank you for spreading hope.love you, contuine to put out more good books.

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