“Then shall thy light break forth as the morning…”  Isaiah 58:8  For many years I have received compliments regarding my writing.  Since childhood, writing has been my passion.  I have been employed to write, sermons, design workbooks and business forms, write song lyrics, plays, etc.  I love to do it. Reading is also another passion of mine.  I have found that these moments spent alone are a must for my continued healing.  During these moments, I concentrate on me, myself and I.  I encourage you to do the same as you come to love yourself more.  You must learn to like and love yourself.  Enjoy YOUR presence.  I have humbled myself to be open and real with you about my journey so that I may help you as you travel on yours.  I am breaking forth as a mighty river.  I am expanding, nourshing and bringing forth life everywhere I go.  I have committed to dying empty because I do not want to take any of my gifts with me.  When it is my time to transition, I want to have given to YOU all that was given to ME.  I have arrived at this place where I freely love and I am loved.  I value and I am valued.  I am indebted to reach behind me and pull someone else along.  Today that someone is YOU.  So, are you ready?  Then, LET’S GO……


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