THE JOURNEY – September 30, 2012

In this Season of our Journey, it is imperative that we be fully engaged.  We must walk in hightened sensitivity to everything that is happening around us, in us, to us and for us.  We must be fully aware and rightfully discern what the Father has for us.  This morning I stood outside and really listened to the sounds, saw the sights and smelled the smells occurring in the area.  I watched the squirrels running through the yard, the birds interacting in the trees, the dogs barking and the smells of the outdoors.  I forced myself to focus on each of these things and meditated on the diversity around me.  As I stood there, I heard Holy Spirit say, “live in THIS moment and appreciate all that it offers to you.”  Tomorrow begins a new calendar month.  We have entered a new season, wherein things are beginning to slow down.  The temperatures are dropping and it is more comfortable for us.  Even the colors and sights of our world are changing.  I encourage you to slow down and live in THE MOMENT of this Season.  Exhale all of your worries and concerns.  Let us cease to be overly concerned about “what is to come” and simply BE in what is now happening.  As you do this, you will develop a new appreciation for what IS and all of the beauty that this moment presents.  Appreciating where you ARE, energizes you and provides you with the strength to Journey on to your NEXT.


At this stage of My Journey, I am reminded of the power of connection.  Yes, it is YOUR Journey and YOU must travel it, however, it is imperative that you understand that you do NOT journey alone.  Your path will intersect with others as they journey and often your dreams and goals will blend into each other, if only for a season.  Let us pause and fully appreciate the power of connections.  The Father has designed it so that we develop and grow by loving and being love, by sharing and caring, by touching and bonding.  We need each other to survive.  From birth to death, we hunger for the touch and love of someone else. It has been proven medically, that the touch of another aids in the health and healing of those who are sick.  Today I encourage you to love on someone else.  Offer the gift of touch and be amazed at the healing that takes place.  Let’s get connected!


My Journey this week has taken me into some interesting areas.  I have connected with brand new friends and received immeasurable love and support.  I gifted a free copy of my book, “Help, I Don’t Like Myself!” to a wonderful lady and in response received multiple words of encouragement.  I was informed that sharing My Journey has empowered and assisted many others with their Journey.  Once again, I was reminded of the prayers and words of my parents to “be all the God has predestined me to be.”  I have moments when I miss their physical presence more than I can verbalize, but the emotional and spiritual impartations they gave, will go with me until the end of my Journey.  I encourage you to hold firm to the prayers and words that you have received.  Keep your eyes on your goal and refuse to give up on your dreams.  You can do this!  The paths may get bumpy, but your Journey isn’t over until it’s over! ~ LOVING YOU TO LIFE, Jamesina Greene