The Journey is continual.  It is about constant movement that propels you forward and manifest in your growth and development.  Each of us travel at different speeds, but we must all travel with a distinct purpose.  I have learned that in those moments when I lose sight of my purpose, my Journey stalls.  When the “static” of my surroundings forces me to become distraught and discombobulated, then my Journey becomes stressful and overwhelming.

In my previous post, I expressed to you my emotional struggle this time of year mainly due to the deaths of my loved ones.  In addition, I am concerned about and for my children and grandchildren and the life that I desire for them to have.  Yet, even in my most distressing moments, I find that the inner strength that I possess, will not allow me to give up.  My Journey has a predestined end and knowing this keeps me going even when I don’t feel like it.

To add to my personal losses, one of my nieces transitioned within the last week.  She was a young woman whose faith and belief in God and His Word was truly amazing.  This week, I have seen and heard so much from so many about her life and how she so greatly impacted them.  I hear about how she refused to give up or give in to any negativity around her.  So I say to those who knew and loved Joy Lynne Mifflin, that the best way you can honor her is to practice what she preached, just as she did.  Let your actions line up with your words and your purpose with your proclamations.  Remembering this, your life will speak for you even after YOU no longer can.

Be encouraged and strengthened my friends and family.  For as long as you have breath, you have hope and your have purpose. Every word you speak and every step you take on your Journey, impacts someone else.  And that’s a fact we cannot negate.  We still have some days left in this year so let’s FINISH STRONG.  The race (prize) isn’t rewarded to the swift (fastest) but it will be given to the one that endures (finishes).  Let’s Go!