THE JOURNEY – January 2013

“Becoming What I Already Was”

“In Him we were also made His inheritance, PREDESTINED according to the purpose of the One who works out everything in agreement with the decision of His will…”  Eph. 1:11clouds

The purest freedom an individual can experience comes when you are released from the opinions and control of others.  When you KNOW what the Father has predestined for YOU, you do not have to walk out the steps of someone else.  Together we will share the importance of knowing and hearing His voice so that we may live the “Triumphant” lives that He desires for us.

We gave and we received much last year.  We achieved and accomplished much.  We have set ourselves in position to experience our NEXT and we are going forward TRIUMPHANTLY!  We have been healed and delivered in many areas and the obstacles we have seen before, we will never see again.  NOW it is time for our SEASON OF RELEASE.  We have puts things in order and connected to things and people that are a part of our Purpose.  Now it’s time go GO!  Release what has been placed in you and watch the world change!

We made it!  We have entered a new year and new moment in time a new phase of our Journey.  The obstacles of last year have been overcome and we have arrived at this new place, TRIUMPHANT!  Last year proved to be extremely difficult for many of us.  We encountered trials that we never dreamed of.  However, the glorious part about that is that we  pushed through and remained focused on our Purpose.

As we stand on new ground, entering new territory we must stand firm on our Faith.  Yes this is ground that we have never cover.  This is territory we have never seen before.  But it is imperative that we remember that our God already knows what is ahead of us and He called it “Good.”  He has designed individual plans for us that will keep us empowered, enlightened and uplifted.  He has already set in place the divine connections that we need and He has already worked it out.

It is our responsibility now to just follow His leading with a spirit of obedience.  We must be totally committed to knowing that He is in control.  Each of our Journey’s are uniquely ours, yet they carry one corporately designed fact, they already existed before we were even born.  From the beginning of time, the Creator mapped our the uniqueness of our Journey. He is the one constant from your beginning to your end.

There is nothing that will occur on your Journey that He doesn’t already know about.  In this phase, you are becoming and manifesting what He already said that you are.  What is within you by divine order, is now being revealed.  You are becoming (to yourself and others) what you ALREADY were in God’s eyes.  Now, it’s time for the REAL you to show up!


THE JOURNEY-Lesson of the Valley

Today is 12/12/12.  For a number of reasons, people will find themselves stopping for a moment to process this fact.  It is a one time occurrence and has significance in many areas.  For me this day represents the fact that I have survived two years of the grieving process of losing the first man I ever loved, my Daddy.  Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the transitioning of the late Apostle James F. Greene.  Today, as unbelievable as it is to many, including myself, I am smiling and rejoicing his transition.  I know this may sound weird but over these past few weeks, days, hours and moments, I have grab firmly to the concept that his life and legacy was incomparable.  His very presence changed the atmosphere in a room and when he spoke, oh my God, the wisdom he possessed was truly amazing.

Today I celebrate and hold close to my heart the privilege of being his daughter.  Many have reminded me of how blessed I was to have this man in my life all of these years and to have his bloodline and spiritual mantle in and around me.  As I reflect on this past year, I see with fresh eyes the depth of the valley experience tied to his leaving.  I recognize and acknowledge the pain, hurt and devastation of the loss.  I do not and never will minimize the depth of that loss and the void it leaves in my life.  Yet, from THIS place on my Journey, I can acknowledge the pain without surrendering my power over to it.

Valley experiences are a part of our Journey.  There have been and there will be stages where we feel down, uncertain and maybe even a little lost.  However, what I have learned is that these Valley experiences are not to be avoided and unwanted because they too have valuable lessons to teach us.

In the Valley, I have learned that I possess strength that I had not tapped into before.  In the Valley I learned that I am abundantly loved and uniquely special.  I learned that even when I can’t “see” it, my help is right there with me.  I have learned that I am NOT alone nor am I forsaken.  I have learned that my story is a gift and I MUST share it with confidence.  I have learned that others will be lifted out of THEIR valleys as they watch how I come out of mine.  I have learned that being real and honest is not a sign of weakness, but rather an expression of strength.  I have learned that while my Dad was my greatest “resource” he was always pointing me to my “source”, my HEAVENLY Father.  I have learned that there is only ONE ME and NO ONE else can be me but me!

In my opinion, the greatest lesson of the valley is to gain an appreciation for the mountaintop.  After you have gone through the dryness of the valley, you genuinely appreciate the water on the mountaintop.  When you have endured the barrenness of the valley, you marvel at the fruit you produce once you reach the mountaintop.  When you walk alone through the valley season, you truly appreciate the love and fellowship that you find at the mountaintop.

I admonish you, my friend, to appreciate your valley.  Don’t be so anxious to hurry out of it, because you may miss an important lesson.  As we are moving forward to our NEXT, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we have learned.  Let’s look at how we have grown and developed.  Let’s make sure that we have learned what the Father has designed the valley to teach us and then…………………………………………………Let’s Go to the Mountaintop!

Peace and Blessings to you and yours!  I am Loving you to LIFE!



A successful journey is not determined nor defined merely by the “works” that you do.  Your “works” can be saved for eternity and “you” be lost.  It is important that our works are in alignment with our spirit and our assignment.  One of the many lessons I am learning is that it is important not to be “working” and doing so much that you overlook the purpose and blessing in your work.  If you are writing books, conducting seminars, speaking at Conferences, pastoring a church, mothering children, or volunteering in your community and you feel no sense of purpose with it, then you are just merely “performing duties”.  If the words you speak and the deeds you do, do not bring forth change and growth in you and others, than you are just wearing yourself out.  I encourage you to take a moment to stop “doing” and just “BE”.  Be still.  Be calmed.  Be at peace.  Be focused.  Be loving.  Be loved.  From THIS place on your journey, you can now continue forward refreshed and renewed.  You can continue forward with a new and enlightened sense of purpose as you fulfill your divine destiny.  Peace & Blessings to YOU! ~ THELEGACYCONTINUES