THE JOURNEY – January 2013

“Becoming What I Already Was”

“In Him we were also made His inheritance, PREDESTINED according to the purpose of the One who works out everything in agreement with the decision of His will…”  Eph. 1:11clouds

The purest freedom an individual can experience comes when you are released from the opinions and control of others.  When you KNOW what the Father has predestined for YOU, you do not have to walk out the steps of someone else.  Together we will share the importance of knowing and hearing His voice so that we may live the “Triumphant” lives that He desires for us.

We gave and we received much last year.  We achieved and accomplished much.  We have set ourselves in position to experience our NEXT and we are going forward TRIUMPHANTLY!  We have been healed and delivered in many areas and the obstacles we have seen before, we will never see again.  NOW it is time for our SEASON OF RELEASE.  We have puts things in order and connected to things and people that are a part of our Purpose.  Now it’s time go GO!  Release what has been placed in you and watch the world change!

We made it!  We have entered a new year and new moment in time a new phase of our Journey.  The obstacles of last year have been overcome and we have arrived at this new place, TRIUMPHANT!  Last year proved to be extremely difficult for many of us.  We encountered trials that we never dreamed of.  However, the glorious part about that is that we  pushed through and remained focused on our Purpose.

As we stand on new ground, entering new territory we must stand firm on our Faith.  Yes this is ground that we have never cover.  This is territory we have never seen before.  But it is imperative that we remember that our God already knows what is ahead of us and He called it “Good.”  He has designed individual plans for us that will keep us empowered, enlightened and uplifted.  He has already set in place the divine connections that we need and He has already worked it out.

It is our responsibility now to just follow His leading with a spirit of obedience.  We must be totally committed to knowing that He is in control.  Each of our Journey’s are uniquely ours, yet they carry one corporately designed fact, they already existed before we were even born.  From the beginning of time, the Creator mapped our the uniqueness of our Journey. He is the one constant from your beginning to your end.

There is nothing that will occur on your Journey that He doesn’t already know about.  In this phase, you are becoming and manifesting what He already said that you are.  What is within you by divine order, is now being revealed.  You are becoming (to yourself and others) what you ALREADY were in God’s eyes.  Now, it’s time for the REAL you to show up!



At the beginning of 2012 I was in a place of “nothingness” most of the time.  I often felt nothing; heard nothing; saw nothing and did nothing.  Still walking through the grieving process, I just couldn’t see my NEXT standing or lying where I was.  Since then I have found my legs and my voice again!  Earlier in the year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish for THIS year and I find that I have completed several of them and I am actively pursuing others.

Some of my greatest inspirations have come from my “roots” and my “future”, meaning my parents and my children and grandchildren.  Other inspirations have come from the powerful “divine connections” I have made this year.  Individuals who have crossed my path and imparted additional strength to me for My Journey.  At moments when I felt like just sitting down and quitting, many “genuine” friends have said to me, “I will carry you until you can walk again.”  I have been blessed to connect with those who do not judge and criticize me, but uphold and guide me.  Even when I get off track, they “gently” nudge me back onto the right path through their love and support.

I see and hear a lot of people asking others, “what are you thankful for this year?”  My initial response was, I don’t even want to go there.  From childhood until their deaths, my parents ALWAYS insisted that we “as a family” be together on these Holidays and pray for healing of any differences which occurred over the past year and move forward.  Then we had to, one by one, name one thing for which we were thankful.  NOBODY was exempt (smile).  I still haven’t accepted that they are no longer going to be sitting at the table and reminding us of just how blessed we are.  I still haven’t accepted that we won’t be running around at the last minute buying gifts for them and for every person in leadership at the church they founded and pastored for over 40 years.  At times like this, things just seem off, because the routine has been altered.

With all of this said, I want to say “THANK YOU” to each and everyone of you who have come, stayed or walked away from my life this year.  EACH of you has played a role in my progress and I truly thank you.  If you just entered my life, you serve to provide a fresh wind.  If you have remained, you serve to provide a reminder of how far I have traveled and how much I have overcome.  If you walked away, you serve to provide the release of some unnecessary baggage and weight.  Thereby allowing me to be “Free to Be Me.”

To those of you who are dealing with pain and loss at this time, I pray for you.  I pray that you too have people in your life who will carry you, when you cannot walk.  People who will be your voice when you cannot talk.  People who will fill your voids when you feel so empty.  Stand strong my friends.  It’s not as bad as it has been and it WILL get better.


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