You Don’t Need a Miracle, All you Need is a MEMORY!

“When he came to his senses, he said..I’ll get up and go to my father…”

St. Luke 15:17-18

“Therefore strengthen your tired hands and weakened knees…..

be healed instead.”  Hebrews 12:12

In this bible text, the younger son made decisions that led him to a place of brokenness, suffering and devastation.  Likewise, he had to be the one to make the decision to be healed and returned to a place of wholeness.  At his lowest state of existence, he REMEMBERED home.  He REMEMBERED a place where he was loved unconditionally.  He REMEMBERED a place where he was safe, warm and had plenty to eat.  He REMEMBERED the love and caring of a father who, even when he knew the son was making a bad choice, provided his with what he had requested.

In this Season of your life, you may feel as if you too are at your lowest.  You may feel abandoned and neglected.  As you look around you, you may not see your needs being met.  You may feel forgotten.

I submit to you today, that the answer to your situation is in your MEMORY.  There is nothing happening to you today that the Father is not aware of.  There is no pain that He does not know about.

In addition, just as He has in the past, He is simply waiting on you to come to Him.  He is waiting on you to REMEMBER who, what and whose you are.  Remember the last time you were penniless and He sent someone to meet that need.  Remember the last time you were depressed and He lifted your spirit.  REMEMBER!

As long as you have a MEMORY, you can always get back to HOME.  Back to the Father.  You may have walked away from home in stages, but TODAY I admonish you to RUN BACK HOME!  Each step of your return, remember all that awaits you.  Remember that the Father is actually looking for you.  He WANT YOU to come back to Him.  Whatever condition you are in, allow your MEMORIES of being in His presence to guide you back to where you belong.

You must decide to refuse to die where you are.  You must remember that strength that lies within you.  You must remember that you have specific purpose and you a part of a Divine plan.

So I encourage you to stop sitting around waiting on a MIRACLE and allow your MEMORIES to guide you forward.