“Blessed, Broken and Given”

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.”  Proverbs 10:22

It is vitally important to the success of your Journey that you not measure your worth by your material possessions.  Often we look at the “things” possessed by others and we determine that we are coming up short.  Meanwhile, there may be someone looking at your “things” and accomplishments and attaching minimum value to them.  The Word of God is full of examples of this practice by mankind.  Yet, we fail to look at the “value” of a person, as determined by their Creator.

One of my favorite Bible stories is the one found in St. Matthew chapter 14 where Jesus took the “little” lunch belonging to the “little” boy and fed many.  The scripture shows us that there were many present who did not think that what the little boy had was sufficient.  They even suggested to Jesus that He send the people away and let them find food somewhere else.  However, Jesus did not even entertain the thought of not using what was ALREADY present.  He ordered them to bring “what they had” to Him and He “blessed it; broke it into pieces and gave it to those in need.”  There was even “fragments” left over.

Today I encourage you to “take what you have” and present it to the Father.  Your act of submission and willingness to obey Him will gain you multiple blessings.  Present to Him all of your brokenness and watch Him work.

Before you were even born, He has blessed your gifts, talents and dreams.  You were predestined to be a gift to the world.  Every phase of your Journey was divinely orchestrated to bring you to THIS place.  Now that you have been broken and humbled before His feet, you are ready to be given.  Surrender your ALL to Him and you will continue to be amazed at the amazing path He has chosen for you.  Doors will open for you that noone can close.  Divine connections with manifest on a daily basis.  This is YOUR time to be all that you have been promised.

“Blessed, Broken and Given”, there is no other way!

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You Don’t Need a Miracle, All you Need is a MEMORY!

“When he came to his senses, he said..I’ll get up and go to my father…”

St. Luke 15:17-18

“Therefore strengthen your tired hands and weakened knees…..

be healed instead.”  Hebrews 12:12

In this bible text, the younger son made decisions that led him to a place of brokenness, suffering and devastation.  Likewise, he had to be the one to make the decision to be healed and returned to a place of wholeness.  At his lowest state of existence, he REMEMBERED home.  He REMEMBERED a place where he was loved unconditionally.  He REMEMBERED a place where he was safe, warm and had plenty to eat.  He REMEMBERED the love and caring of a father who, even when he knew the son was making a bad choice, provided his with what he had requested.

In this Season of your life, you may feel as if you too are at your lowest.  You may feel abandoned and neglected.  As you look around you, you may not see your needs being met.  You may feel forgotten.

I submit to you today, that the answer to your situation is in your MEMORY.  There is nothing happening to you today that the Father is not aware of.  There is no pain that He does not know about.

In addition, just as He has in the past, He is simply waiting on you to come to Him.  He is waiting on you to REMEMBER who, what and whose you are.  Remember the last time you were penniless and He sent someone to meet that need.  Remember the last time you were depressed and He lifted your spirit.  REMEMBER!

As long as you have a MEMORY, you can always get back to HOME.  Back to the Father.  You may have walked away from home in stages, but TODAY I admonish you to RUN BACK HOME!  Each step of your return, remember all that awaits you.  Remember that the Father is actually looking for you.  He WANT YOU to come back to Him.  Whatever condition you are in, allow your MEMORIES of being in His presence to guide you back to where you belong.

You must decide to refuse to die where you are.  You must remember that strength that lies within you.  You must remember that you have specific purpose and you a part of a Divine plan.

So I encourage you to stop sitting around waiting on a MIRACLE and allow your MEMORIES to guide you forward.


MY JOURNEY – February 2013

5efe5069-242b-5f94-f902-fe4415d3f292“…but the greatest of these is LOVE…”  I Corinthians 13:13

A major part of loving yourself lies in knowing WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHOSE you are.  Understanding that you are divinely and uniquely created provides both a foundation and continual source of power for you.  When you fully understand how much the Father loves you, you cannot help but love yourself.  The Father thinks you are truly phenomenal and He calls you His Beloved.

A truly genuine love GIVES.  It gives without being asked to give.  It gives because giving sustains it.  My mother, the late Rev. Dr. Essie C. Greene, used to say, “You can give without loving, but you CANNOT love without giving.”  Proof of this lies in the fact that your heavenly Father loved you so much that HE GAVE.  He gave His very best gift because He places such a high value on YOU.  Please grasp this concept.  There is a direct correlation between “the gift” and “the recipient” of the gift.  The gift that you give to someone expresses the value and the worth that you place on the recipient.

You must know and accept that nothing that you encounter on your Journey can alter or erase the Father’s love for you.  A love this great is irreplaceable.  As you continue on your Journey, you will have many encounters with the Father.  These encounters will be unlike any others and are meant to be life-changing.  Maintain your focus on your Journey and every experience that it brings.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by outside forces or activities.

Honoring and loving those whom God has placed in your life produces greatness in your life.  Always maintain a spirit of expectancy, looking for the next good thing to manifest for you.  Loving others isn’t always “convenient” or even comfortable, but it is necessary.  The more you love, the more YOU are loved.  Love NEVER intentionally hurts anyone.  When it does realize that it hurt someone, it is quick to right that wrong.

When we love others we are, in essence, loving God.  Why?  Because each of us is an object of His love.  Isn’t that awesome!  Today, I encourage you to affect the life of someone else by allowing them to be the object of your love.  In some small or big way, manifest love for that person.  Be the reason that they smile or laugh today.  Go ahead, you can do it!

Submerge your mind in the love around you.  Loving and being loved makes your Journey easier and brighter.  Love unselfishly. The ability to love those who misuse and abuse you is a powerful gift.  Do not allow the ungodly spirits and actions of others to cause you to stumble and fall on your Journey.  Love with your whole heart.  Love without fear.  Love will sustain you and propel you to your next level with much success.

Loving keeps you moving FORWARD.  Loving yourself and others gives you constant reasons to be better.  Loving yourself and others gives you constant reasons to do more.  Loving yourself and others just simply GIVES!

Loving you to LIFE! ~ JGM



“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest.”  Genesis 8:22 ~ MY SEASON OF RELEASE.  The previous phase of our Journey brought with it a phenomenal release.  Now we enjoy the release.  In the Bible, the #10 represents, “God’s Order”.  This tenth month of the year, we will see the manifestation of the things we have allowed Him to put in order in our lives.  We have journeyed through much adversity, now we will “walk out” God’s order in our lives and enjoy the harvest of obedience.  We marvel at the beauty and majesty of His creation.  Nature shows forth His greatness.  Relax and enjoy THIS new Season.  Every hindrance is gone.  We are walking on new ground, with an elevated mindset.  Realizing this should provide us with a greater sense of peace and purpose.