“Blessed, Broken and Given”

“The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.”  Proverbs 10:22

It is vitally important to the success of your Journey that you not measure your worth by your material possessions.  Often we look at the “things” possessed by others and we determine that we are coming up short.  Meanwhile, there may be someone looking at your “things” and accomplishments and attaching minimum value to them.  The Word of God is full of examples of this practice by mankind.  Yet, we fail to look at the “value” of a person, as determined by their Creator.

One of my favorite Bible stories is the one found in St. Matthew chapter 14 where Jesus took the “little” lunch belonging to the “little” boy and fed many.  The scripture shows us that there were many present who did not think that what the little boy had was sufficient.  They even suggested to Jesus that He send the people away and let them find food somewhere else.  However, Jesus did not even entertain the thought of not using what was ALREADY present.  He ordered them to bring “what they had” to Him and He “blessed it; broke it into pieces and gave it to those in need.”  There was even “fragments” left over.

Today I encourage you to “take what you have” and present it to the Father.  Your act of submission and willingness to obey Him will gain you multiple blessings.  Present to Him all of your brokenness and watch Him work.

Before you were even born, He has blessed your gifts, talents and dreams.  You were predestined to be a gift to the world.  Every phase of your Journey was divinely orchestrated to bring you to THIS place.  Now that you have been broken and humbled before His feet, you are ready to be given.  Surrender your ALL to Him and you will continue to be amazed at the amazing path He has chosen for you.  Doors will open for you that noone can close.  Divine connections with manifest on a daily basis.  This is YOUR time to be all that you have been promised.

“Blessed, Broken and Given”, there is no other way!

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Woman of Color


MY JOURNEY – February 2013

5efe5069-242b-5f94-f902-fe4415d3f292“…but the greatest of these is LOVE…”  I Corinthians 13:13

A major part of loving yourself lies in knowing WHO you are, WHAT you are and WHOSE you are.  Understanding that you are divinely and uniquely created provides both a foundation and continual source of power for you.  When you fully understand how much the Father loves you, you cannot help but love yourself.  The Father thinks you are truly phenomenal and He calls you His Beloved.

A truly genuine love GIVES.  It gives without being asked to give.  It gives because giving sustains it.  My mother, the late Rev. Dr. Essie C. Greene, used to say, “You can give without loving, but you CANNOT love without giving.”  Proof of this lies in the fact that your heavenly Father loved you so much that HE GAVE.  He gave His very best gift because He places such a high value on YOU.  Please grasp this concept.  There is a direct correlation between “the gift” and “the recipient” of the gift.  The gift that you give to someone expresses the value and the worth that you place on the recipient.

You must know and accept that nothing that you encounter on your Journey can alter or erase the Father’s love for you.  A love this great is irreplaceable.  As you continue on your Journey, you will have many encounters with the Father.  These encounters will be unlike any others and are meant to be life-changing.  Maintain your focus on your Journey and every experience that it brings.  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by outside forces or activities.

Honoring and loving those whom God has placed in your life produces greatness in your life.  Always maintain a spirit of expectancy, looking for the next good thing to manifest for you.  Loving others isn’t always “convenient” or even comfortable, but it is necessary.  The more you love, the more YOU are loved.  Love NEVER intentionally hurts anyone.  When it does realize that it hurt someone, it is quick to right that wrong.

When we love others we are, in essence, loving God.  Why?  Because each of us is an object of His love.  Isn’t that awesome!  Today, I encourage you to affect the life of someone else by allowing them to be the object of your love.  In some small or big way, manifest love for that person.  Be the reason that they smile or laugh today.  Go ahead, you can do it!

Submerge your mind in the love around you.  Loving and being loved makes your Journey easier and brighter.  Love unselfishly. The ability to love those who misuse and abuse you is a powerful gift.  Do not allow the ungodly spirits and actions of others to cause you to stumble and fall on your Journey.  Love with your whole heart.  Love without fear.  Love will sustain you and propel you to your next level with much success.

Loving keeps you moving FORWARD.  Loving yourself and others gives you constant reasons to be better.  Loving yourself and others gives you constant reasons to do more.  Loving yourself and others just simply GIVES!

Loving you to LIFE! ~ JGM

THE JOURNEY-Lesson of the Valley

Today is 12/12/12.  For a number of reasons, people will find themselves stopping for a moment to process this fact.  It is a one time occurrence and has significance in many areas.  For me this day represents the fact that I have survived two years of the grieving process of losing the first man I ever loved, my Daddy.  Yesterday was the two year anniversary of the transitioning of the late Apostle James F. Greene.  Today, as unbelievable as it is to many, including myself, I am smiling and rejoicing his transition.  I know this may sound weird but over these past few weeks, days, hours and moments, I have grab firmly to the concept that his life and legacy was incomparable.  His very presence changed the atmosphere in a room and when he spoke, oh my God, the wisdom he possessed was truly amazing.

Today I celebrate and hold close to my heart the privilege of being his daughter.  Many have reminded me of how blessed I was to have this man in my life all of these years and to have his bloodline and spiritual mantle in and around me.  As I reflect on this past year, I see with fresh eyes the depth of the valley experience tied to his leaving.  I recognize and acknowledge the pain, hurt and devastation of the loss.  I do not and never will minimize the depth of that loss and the void it leaves in my life.  Yet, from THIS place on my Journey, I can acknowledge the pain without surrendering my power over to it.

Valley experiences are a part of our Journey.  There have been and there will be stages where we feel down, uncertain and maybe even a little lost.  However, what I have learned is that these Valley experiences are not to be avoided and unwanted because they too have valuable lessons to teach us.

In the Valley, I have learned that I possess strength that I had not tapped into before.  In the Valley I learned that I am abundantly loved and uniquely special.  I learned that even when I can’t “see” it, my help is right there with me.  I have learned that I am NOT alone nor am I forsaken.  I have learned that my story is a gift and I MUST share it with confidence.  I have learned that others will be lifted out of THEIR valleys as they watch how I come out of mine.  I have learned that being real and honest is not a sign of weakness, but rather an expression of strength.  I have learned that while my Dad was my greatest “resource” he was always pointing me to my “source”, my HEAVENLY Father.  I have learned that there is only ONE ME and NO ONE else can be me but me!

In my opinion, the greatest lesson of the valley is to gain an appreciation for the mountaintop.  After you have gone through the dryness of the valley, you genuinely appreciate the water on the mountaintop.  When you have endured the barrenness of the valley, you marvel at the fruit you produce once you reach the mountaintop.  When you walk alone through the valley season, you truly appreciate the love and fellowship that you find at the mountaintop.

I admonish you, my friend, to appreciate your valley.  Don’t be so anxious to hurry out of it, because you may miss an important lesson.  As we are moving forward to our NEXT, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we have learned.  Let’s look at how we have grown and developed.  Let’s make sure that we have learned what the Father has designed the valley to teach us and then…………………………………………………Let’s Go to the Mountaintop!

Peace and Blessings to you and yours!  I am Loving you to LIFE!



Isaiah 40:4; Psalm 111:10; Ezekial 11:24

Wow!  We are at the end of another year.  As we look back, we can see just how far we have come.  Our Journey has not always been easy, but we made it.  We are triumphant! Lessons have been learned and will not be forgotten.  We have stretched and we have grown.  As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, let us always do so in the Spirit of Love.  This month will always be one of happiness and sorrow for me.  It is the month that the first man I ever loved, my Daddy, transitioned to his heavenly resting place.  That experience was meant to kill me, but instead it made me better.  What seemed to be an ending was actually a beginning of a divine shifting for me.  This experience made me aware of a inner strength that I did not realize I even possessed.  It pushed me to be the me that I was predestined to be and provides me with the focus to “finish the race.”

Each year at this time, we take time to reflect over the past 12 months.  What have we accomplished?  What have we learned?  How have we grown and developed?  What pain have we experienced that has pushed us toward new life?  Always remember and move toward your goal.  Your vision of promise is yours to have.  Go get it!  Remain faithful, it will pay off.  Nothing and no one can take away your inheritance.  What’s YOURS is YOURS!  Since the deaths of my parents, I have adopted a clearer understanding of MY LEGACY.  No one can take what belongs to me.  In addition, having a better understanding of the mantle, I also have a better understanding of the attacks that come with it.  YET, “The Legacy Continues.”

Remember, there is a direct correlation between what you have in your hand now, and what you will have in your hand in your future.  As you release what is in your hand NOW, it automatically goes into your FUTURE and prepares your harvest for presentation at the appointed time.

Finish the Race!  Don’t give up now, you are too close to the finish line.  We have stumble, staggered and even fallen this year, but we HAVE NOT GIVEN UP.  Even in those moments when we faltered, our eyes remained on the goal.  Keep moving.  Keep excelling.  You can do it!  I believe in YOU and even more importantly, your Creator believes in you.  Let’s do this!

Finish the Race!

Jamesina Greene





The Journey is continual.  It is about constant movement that propels you forward and manifest in your growth and development.  Each of us travel at different speeds, but we must all travel with a distinct purpose.  I have learned that in those moments when I lose sight of my purpose, my Journey stalls.  When the “static” of my surroundings forces me to become distraught and discombobulated, then my Journey becomes stressful and overwhelming.

In my previous post, I expressed to you my emotional struggle this time of year mainly due to the deaths of my loved ones.  In addition, I am concerned about and for my children and grandchildren and the life that I desire for them to have.  Yet, even in my most distressing moments, I find that the inner strength that I possess, will not allow me to give up.  My Journey has a predestined end and knowing this keeps me going even when I don’t feel like it.

To add to my personal losses, one of my nieces transitioned within the last week.  She was a young woman whose faith and belief in God and His Word was truly amazing.  This week, I have seen and heard so much from so many about her life and how she so greatly impacted them.  I hear about how she refused to give up or give in to any negativity around her.  So I say to those who knew and loved Joy Lynne Mifflin, that the best way you can honor her is to practice what she preached, just as she did.  Let your actions line up with your words and your purpose with your proclamations.  Remembering this, your life will speak for you even after YOU no longer can.

Be encouraged and strengthened my friends and family.  For as long as you have breath, you have hope and your have purpose. Every word you speak and every step you take on your Journey, impacts someone else.  And that’s a fact we cannot negate.  We still have some days left in this year so let’s FINISH STRONG.  The race (prize) isn’t rewarded to the swift (fastest) but it will be given to the one that endures (finishes).  Let’s Go!